About Chris Cebollero and Associates

The Company

Cebollero & Associates is a Consulting firm with over 100 years of Healthcare, Operational and Leadership experience. Our firm focuses on three areas of specialty:

Healthcare Management – Our partnership with the healthcare community focuses on ensuring your patients will receive an excellent patient care experience. This is accomplished by; improving healthcare processes, streamlining workflow, and fine tuning clinical, operational, and financial performance. Solutions are Custom Developed for your organization, and have a proven  record  of success for reducing:

  • ED Overcrowding
  • High Utilizer Volume
  • Hospital Length of Stay
  • 24-hour Bounce back
  • 30-Day Readmission

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Small Business Growth Development – You spend a long time, energy and effort growing your business. Sometimes it seems it is you against the world. Our professionals are here to assist you in:

  • Developing Business Plans
  • Creating Strategic Goals
  • Training of your Sales Force
  • Increasing your Customer Base
  • Growing Sales Forecasts

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Leadership Growth and Development – The success of an organization is dependent on the workforce you employ. With that said it is vital your leadership team know and understand the art and science of leadership. Our team will assist your grow your leadership effectiveness by:

  • Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Force Training
  • Organizational Process Improvement

Our organizational and Individual Leadership Solutions will polish and transform any organization regardless of the size. Unlike other Consulting firms, we custom develop the strategy and solutions to meet your organizations vision and objective

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Meet Our Team

RKP_2008_WEBChris Cebollero – Senior Partner


Internationally recognized leadership expert, author and advocate, Chris’s experience includes expertise in the healthcare industry, has a proven track record for Organizational Design and Process Improvement. Chris has a knack for developing organizational excellence, while encouraging professional development of the team all the while ensuring strategic alignment with the goals of the organization.

Chris is a Multi-Number 1 Best Selling Author, is a member of the John Maxwell Team, a Contributor to Forbes, and a Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Chris has close to 30 years of speaking experience, and has developed an art of teaching platform instruction and public speaking.           


52351-addn1Debbie Self – VP Marketing & Sales


Debbie is an Award Winning Sales Professional with 30 years of real world sales experience. Throughout her career, Debbie has developed a reputation for cultivating strong relationships and truly understanding her customers needs for outcomes to their challenges or problems.

This customer centric approach has led to millions of dollars in sales, but more importantly she has become a role model and mentor dedicated to growing the next generation of Sales Professional.

Debbie now puts her Sales Experience on stage to assist in growing your sales team.

Her unique style of training will develop confidence in your team, assist in developing organizational best practices, and ensure your team is motivated, inspired and focused on growing your customer base and increasing sales forecasts.

Debbie knows the winning combination to ensure your customers will know like and trust your sales team, and will always go that extra mile solving their challenges with only the most positive of outcomes.




David Miles, Ph.D. – VP of Leadership & Human Resource Development


David’s specialties are Leadership, Human Resource, and Organizational Development – he is an author, coach, and speaker. Dr. Dave is passionate about developing individuals, groups, and teams to meet the demands of the new workforce. As an expert in Organizational Development, Dr. Dave knows the winning combination ensuring developing strategy around organizational goals, process improvement, and developing the workforce of tomorrow.

Dr. Dave is a sought-after speaker throughout the United States, and has spoken by invitation in both Oxford, UK and Singapore.


annaAnna Sarnacka-Smith – Director of Employee Engagement                                 

Anna has been working with developing organizational excellence for over a decade. She is a Certified Behavioral Consultant and Master Trainer, and Coach.

Anna’s foundation in Journalism and Public Relations has given her the background to assist in the development of leaders and their organizations.

As our Behavioral Consultant we use the DISC/Teams/Values Leadership Assessment. This allows organizations to set the blueprint and go forward plan on leadership development, hiring team members, change/crisis management, increasing employee satisfaction/engagement, and much more.



billWilliam Meyer –  VP of Process Improvement 


Bill has dedicated his professional career to process improvement. Bill has shared his mastery throughout the health care industry, achieving expert results. Bill is a Six Sigma Black Belt with expertise in Lean Management, Total Quality Management, and Kaizen.

From the smallest of projects to the total redevelopment of organizational processes, Bill is constantly striving to improve the way you do things to provide value for your customers, organizations and workforce.


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The John Maxwell Team is a group of John Maxwell Certified Coaches, Teachers and Speakers, who offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching to aid personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John Maxwell’s proven leadership methods.

About Dr. John C. Maxwell

Dr. John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author who has sold over 22 million books. Dr. Maxwell has trained more than 6 million leaders worldwide. Every year he speaks to Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders, and organizations as diverse as the United States Military Academy at West Point, the National Football League, and the United Nations.