Leadership Development Services


Leadership Development Plans and Strategies

Leadership is all about the ability to Influence Others. Without the ability to influence our workforce, peers, stakeholders or customers we will have minimal leadership effectiveness. At Cebollero & Associates Leadership Development is a top priority when working with our clients. When you have outstanding leadership within your organization this creates:

An Engaged Workforce
• Increased Employee Satisfaction
• Increased Productivity
• Your organizations future leaders
• An Excellent Customer/Client Experience

Our Leadership Development Programs enhance the ability to get the Top and Bottom leaders working on the same page.

Individual and Executive Coaching

Why Do I Need a Leadership Coach?

We get this question a lot. Our common answer comes with a story;

As a long time Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan, there were a lot of losing seasons. When Tony Dungy became the coach, things eventually looked up. Even going to a couple NFC Conference games. In 2001 Dungy was fired for not being able to reach the Super Bowl, and Jon Gruden was hired. In 2002, The Bucs won the Super Bowl. It was that one coach that made a difference with those professionals to win the big game. At Cebollero & Associates let us be that one coach to help you achieve greatness, and win your Super Bowl.

What do you need to know when deciding to choose a Leadership Coach?


Keynote & Public Speaking

Cebollero & Associates Senior Partners have skills and experiences to deliver a Dynamic and Energetic Keynote Address, or a Casual Lunch and Learn, or Mastermind Presentations. We develop our presentations custom to meet the needs of your organization, workforce, or audience.

As members of the John Maxwell Team, we are able to bring countless leadership topics personally taught to us by John Maxwell himself. Topic areas include:

  • Motivation/Inspiration
  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Increasing Employee Engagement & Satisfaction
  • Common Leadership Mistakes
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Servant Leadership
  • Communication
  • And Many More

Our team of professionals can develop personalized topics specific to your organization, event, or challenge.

Organizational Process Improvement

I’m sure you have heard the old saying, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it? In today’s business market, we just cannot live by this saying any longer. Cebollero & Associates Partners have years of experience in developing the best Process Action Plans to take your company into the future. Using LEAN, LEAN Six Sigma, and Kaizen methodologies. Our programs will focus on:

  • Change Management Programs
  • Improving Productivity Programs
  • Safety Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Procedural Development
  • Root Cause & Failure Analysis
  • Accident Investigation Analysis

Contact us today to see how our Process Improvement Solutions can assist your organization meet your strategic vision.

Instructor Methodology

Learning the art and science of public speaking is an essential part of becoming a great
leader. Whether your position is in sales, the C-Suite, or if you just want to feel more
comfortable with speaking in front of a group, we have the solutions for you.

At Cebollero & Associates we have developed a sure fire way of teaching you the “how to” of public speaking. A few of the classes include:

Public Speaking Overview
• How Adults Learn
• Dynamic Presentation Skills
• Overcoming Stage Fright

Do you need to give a presentation and need a hand developing and preparing. Our Team has helped many clients brainstorm, develop and prepare for giving an expert presentation. We have also delivered presentations for clients upon their request.