Chris Cebollero

Internationally Recognized Leadership Specialist, Multi #1 Best Selling Author, and Advocate




  • Workforce Motivation/Inspiration
  • Executive, Individual and Group Coaching
  • Personal Growth Strategies
  • Team Leadership Development Tactics
  • Solutions on Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Webinars
  • Motivational Teaching/Speaking


  • Crisis Management/Crisis Communication Strategies
  • Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Population Health Operations
  • Patient/Family Engagement Strategies
  • Organizational Leadership Development
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Mock Regulatory Survey with Survey Participation


  • Community Paramedic Implementation
  • Engaging Stakeholders and Community Partners
  • Integrating with Healthcare Partners/Medical Community
  • Development of a Community Needs Assessment
  • Clinical Department Review and Development Strategies
  • EMS System Analysis
  • CAAS Preparation and Mock Inspections

Best selling books

Ultimate Success

In Ultimate Success Strategic Leadership Excellence Chris outlines the skills you need to have to ensure you are your workforce is engaged, satisfied and productive.

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Ultimate Leadership

Ultimate Leadership 10 Rules Debuted number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List. Chris outlines the 10 rules he needed to develop to become a successful leader. These rules are based on successes, mistakes, failures and lessons learned. Rule Number 1 Never Allow Your Emotions to Dictate Your Actions – That was one of Chris’s early failures.

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Dear Younger Self

If you could step into a time machine and visit your 25-year-old self what would be the one piece of advice you would give to yourself to make your professional journey easier? Chris asked 10 of his Coaching, Leadership, and Business peers to write chapters and share their expertise.

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About Me

Cebollero & Associates Consulting Group has over 100 years of combined Healthcare and Leadership experience. Our firm specializes in assisting the healthcare field to navigate the Affordable Health Care environment. Our solutions will help reducing ED overcrowding and high utilizer volume. Specialists in reducing hospital length of stay, 24-hour bounce back, and high-risk hospital readmission, and high utilizer volume.

Our Organizational and Individual Leadership Solutions will polish and transform any organization regardless of the size. Unlike other consulting firms, we custom develop the solution and strategy to meet your organization’s overall objectives and challenges.

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Success Story

BY having a comprehensive understanding of the natural strengths of employees, we help you build personalized development plans that guarantee growth acceleration. Become a part of Cebollero & Associates and experience tailored solutions addressing your organization’s needs. We deliver insights and tools to transform your employees into the respective leaders your company needs.

Tailored to Your Business

We design a custom leadership development program after examining specific development needs. With which you can mature a working culture that actively pursues to accelerate individual learning. These programs are the key attribute of an impeccably performing organization.

Hands-On Practice & Application

Don’t waste your time on online training, instead provide your employees with hands-on practice and applicable learning and growing leadership training. We offer a highly personalized leadership development program that emphasis on building effectual habits. Moreover, our methods are based on a growing leadership formula backed by science and logic.

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