Privacy Policy

We are pleased to get you on our website. Chris Cebollero is a complete enterprise, who are committed to providing quality training, and opportunity to any organization, seeking for assistance.

As per the need of our business, we acquire some personal data from our clients.

And for that purpose, we are sharing these privacy policies for the better understanding and commitments of our customers.

We suggest all our intended customers, to keep a check on our privacy policies, and all the shared information to stay updated.

1. Scope

These Privacy Policies describe the reasons why we are acquiring some personal information from you if you are availing any services from us.

Moreover, these policies will help us how we are going to handle the condition and what actions would be against the liable party.

All the users of our website need to make sure of all of their fears regarding the private information they share with us, like name, number, addresses, and even payment details. Because in case of any reported dispute, we are not going to be responsible for any uncertainty.

We have already mentioned all the policies in our privacy conditions very clearly.

  • Particular region

There are specified points, and policies that are applied only on the citizens, and residents of Sidney Australia, or California. Make sure you read all the terms thoroughly before making any relation with us as your service partners.

  • Children

As we have already cleared our target audience that our company doesn’t apply any policy on children and either not directed to them.

In case, you caught any children who are under the age of 13, as provided us wrong information and are availing our services, then make sure you let us know as we’ll take serious action against him/her.

2.What Personal Information Is Required

We never opt to choose any hidden way, to take the information from our customers, because this is ethically wrong.

We always took information from our customers, which is very much important such as the name, address, email address, and payment information in case of online payment.

We give the options to our customers to choose the option of not entering their personal information while signing up on our website due to this they might miss a lot of notifications and facilities informed to our customers at their provided email addresses.

There is a list of the information we usually acquire from our intended customers, being connected to our customer line,

  1. Name, address, email address, SSN, driving licenses
  2. Medical, financial, and health insurance information
  3. Cast, Race and Gender Information
  4. Biometric information
  5. Browsing history, Ip Address, physical location
  6. Resume and CV
  7. Education information
  8. Audio, Video that comes in Sensory Data

3. Cookies

Our website also possesses cookies to maintain a personalized repository of your performed operation on our website.

4. Information We Get Automatically

Everyone now is well aware of the fact that the operations they perform being on a website, are being monitored by the website owners, and they are maintaining a log of their activities.

Here is the list of the information we get automatically when a user surfs, and use our website:

  1. Your IP Address
  2. Your Physical Location
  3. What type of browser you are using
  4. Date and time you spent on our website
  5. At which page you spent more time
  6. Response time
  7. Durations of page visits
  8. Operating systems

5. What we do from collected Data

Usually, customers have questions roaming in their minds about what we are going to do with the provided information. Here we are answering their questions and clearing all the thoughts they have in their mind,

  1. We use that information to inform you about our current openings, and offers.
  2. To clear out the obligations or terms that were formed between you and us during the active working hours.
  3. To contact you further, after the completion of your desired services.
  4. To let you know about the changes in privacy policies.
  5. To notify you about the current law and regulations made at our website.
  6. For quality assurance and training purposes.
  7. To perform yearly based data analysis of our company’s throughput.
  8. To process your job application and resume.
  9. To draw inquiries against your provided credit card information.
  10. To notify you about any upcoming event or workshop that matches your interest and criteria.

6. Do we share or sell your shared information with any third party?

No, we never sell all of your provided information to any third party, without the consent of our customers, as for us to keep the trust maintained is prior over anything. In case of any sharing, we’ll share the provide information to the following mentioned authorities,

  1. Sales purpose, so you interact with different organizational deals.
  2. Advertisements to related vision-based services.
  3. Marketing of our services and products.
  4. For feedback.
  5. Website analytics.
  6. Medical appraisals of our clients.

7. Protecting Children Privacy and Condition

We are strongly committed to the conditions of not allowing any child under 13 to use our website.

In case of any issue caught when a child is under 13 entered wrong information at our website to have a look at our shared pieces of information and strict legal actions against the liable party.

8. Warranties

We possess no warranties for our shared policies and information at our website, and we are not responsible for any individual before making any changes in the proposed information on our website.

9. Amendments in Policies

We are responsible for the alterations or revisions made at our shared website.

In case we found anyone responsible for making any changes in the policies, we can take the person accountable for the act to the court in charge of violating our website’s policy and terms.

10. Violation of Laws, and Policies

We will take strict legal actions against the person who is found guilty in violating any law or policies proposed by us.

Please make sure not to touch or add anything extra for your benefits as we’ll inform then the consequences made might be dangerous.

11. Rights to delete personal information

The customers possess the right to ask us to delete their personal information once they have planned not to avail of any of our services in the future.

12. Where we keep the information collected

We usually keep the data of our clients, in servers using Amazon Web Services. If you are a resident of EEA, then there are specified laws for secure data sharing.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing privacy theft act, people face a lot of issues of their data leakage, but we make sure everything is kept safe and secure.

Once we get our hands on your data, we keep them safe for any third-party access. We cannot give you the guarantee of keeping your information saved forever if you are sharing it is at your own risk.

13. Dispute made

In case any dispute is made in between the clients, and the organization, all the paperwork submitted will help us to prove the point, and get the issue dissolved easily.

You may contact us at our provided email address, and contact number in case of any issue without privacy policies, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

14. Link to Third Party Website

We might have a third party website link shared at our website for sales purposes that do not mean we have any attachments with the information shared at their website as any link without provided information or services.