Cebollero & Associates is a consulting firm with over 100 years of combined Healthcare, Operational, and Leadership experience. The company was founded to make personal-touch leadership assessments accessible, allowing multiple leaders and organizations to experience the benefits. The aim was to make leader selection reasonable. Our customized development programs are utilized to create growing leaders, a company sees in its employee.

Cebollero & Associates has an impressive record of evolving disruptive leadership assessment and development solutions. We have legibly combined behavioral science with the latest leadership strategies to meet the complex challenges of organizations. Our leadership development program involves assessments such as live role-plays, direct interaction with trained advisors, and examine responsive ability in complicated scenarios that they may encounter being in the respective leadership position. Our participants have mentioned their experiences as enjoyable and immersive.

We offer easily customizable development solutions and assessments to your leadership framework and competency model. Cebollero & Associates utilizes behavioral science to refine our simulations and processes constantly. We facilitate our clients with insight and tools that they embrace and imply on their decision making. Thereby, multiple companies have taken Cebollero & Associates’ help across the leadership pipeline to bring insight, measure development, and track progress. We ensure that all your decisions concerning promotion and selection are backed by logic and compatibility.

At Cebollero & Associates, we strive to help our clients strengthen their assets and diagnose their weaknesses to evidence an effective and sustainable community leaders. We have helped many companies to restructure and reorganize their operations to ensure they are being profitable and are feasible with the market changes. We have years of experience and comprehensive knowledge with which we incorporate your persuasive objective into your decision-making process. Our Leadership solutions transform any organization regardless of the size. Unlike other consulting firms, we custom develop the strategy and solutions to meet your organization’s vision and objective.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from different industries, experiences, and interests. And they are equipped with the tools any organization will need to achieve its desired goals.