EMS Solutions

Cebollero & Associates Consulting Group is a full-fledged leadership development and consultancy organization with 30 years of EMS experience. We offer EMS Consulting Services, which are dedicated to providing high-quality services for the reduction of mortality and morbidity. We accomplish this by offering worthy clinical education programs to the members and comprehensive educational programs for managing teams.

Our EMS solutions serve a diverse community of experts who have committed their professions with the accomplishment of all Emergency Services areas. We are devoted to becoming a groundbreaker for emergency medical companies, which we obtain by our experience, knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We ensure that the environments we develop are interactive, cooperative, and responsive according to the needs of our diversified nature clients. We have been working with multiple companies with their position reassessing in the market place.

Cebollero & Associates have also helped many companies to restructure and reorganize their operations to ensure they are being profitable and are feasible with the market changes.

  • Community Paramedic Implementation/Training
  • Engaging Stakeholders
  • Integrating with Healthcare Partners
  • Development of a Community Needs Assessment
  • Preparation for Meeting with Hospital Leadership
  • EMS System Analysis
  • RFP Development and Response
  • Organizational Process Improvement
  • Maximizing Demand Analysis for Peak Performance
  • Leadership Development, Education, Coaching
  • Boosting Billing and Collection Strategies
  • CAAS Preparation and Mock Inspections
  • Developing a Premier Clinically Focused Organization
  • Development of a CQI Process with appropriate education follow up